Online dating for cyclists

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Online dating for cyclists

If you don’t find that many at first, wait a week and maybe you’ll find more!

There’s also a “Super Match” function which actually compares your profile to other profiles and gives you a % match of how compatible you are!

No longer do we just have generic “singles” sites, we actually have sites dedicated to almost every group of people, so you’re sure to find that special someone who shares your interests.

It must have been over a year ago that I first found out about the cycling specific dating site, Cycling Probably because I’m skeptical of all the other dating sites.

It’s worth signing-up and checking it out for 5 or 10 minutes.

At Dateactive we understand how difficult it is to meet other UK cycling singles and other active outdoor singles.Kelli explains that the idea for the website comes from personal experience: “I know from experience how lonely it can be as a cyclist, if you don’t have a partner.I spent most of my racing carer single.” As the founder of the women’s Dame Cycling group, Kelli often discusses the search for single cycling men with her female riders.But luckily I found this line in the site’s mission statement: “So whether you’re looking for a new relationship or just seeking new friendships, now you can find it in an environment populated with people just like you.” So I guess it wouldn’t hurt to find some riding buddies. Topics range from appearance to religion to your fashion sense and drinking behavior!You can even upload a photo to complement your written description. I checked out the search function it worked marvelously.

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Ride2Love allows you to get the skinny on cycling habits, preference of discipline, competitiveness, and asks thought provoking questions such as: “The Reason Why I Ride..” which allows you to write a short piece on what cycling means to you.