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LOL this was about as amateur as it gets, I speak both French and Spanish, they were so awkward to begin with and what followed was the weirdest Euro-porn I've ever seen.At the end the cameraman says "That's disgusting" when the cum is running out of her mouth, and WTF the Spaniard had a very average sized dick, didn't even look bigger next to that tiny French chick!

” “No title, no registration.” “I have the title for the pickup.” “You’re not registering a pickup. not even when he tried to leave the scene and left the passenger side door and both pickup fenders laying in the street. I didn’t know what a Hawken rifle was, but the picture of the finished article looked cool. (I could have gotten it for 129 through the mail ... because another brother-in-law had tossed a butt out the window of my Chevy pickup and burned six holes through my old tent. I finished it up real pretty and sold it to my brother-in-law for a hundred. So I bought another kit at the new Wal-Mart for 39 bucks ... It came out good and I sold it to my next door neighbor for two hundred ... Casting around for something to do on the way to the job, I spotted a Santa Fe Hawken .53 caliber rifle kit by Uberti at an actual gun-store. Actually, I went to buy a pole lease but they talked me out of that and into the lease I got. The guy with the good one had several and I couldn’t make up my mind so he sold me all of them for half the price of Mr. Some damn fool offered me a thousand bucks for it ... including shipping.) Once I got the curly burly Sycamore Maple stock finished with Rit dye and several coats of boiled linseed oil and the metal work urine browned it was pretty damn spectacular! So, by this time, a customer had loaned me The Indian Tipi by Gladys and Reginald Laubin.

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and a 1965 Chevrolet L-79, which was nothing more than an L-76 (11.0:1 forged pop-up pistons, forged steel rods and crank, 2.02 Corvette heads), but with the 30-30 Duntov cam replaced by the #151 hydraulic cam. I went to work Monday and suddenly realized that in Wyoming, neighbors is anybody within a hundred and fifty miles. Four wheel drive with the Tornado overhead cam six.

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