Japanese emperor name on coins and appropriate dating

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Japanese emperor name on coins and appropriate dating

The ones that aren't are usually sources of Surreal Humor.

If this place is a planet or country, then it will often feature an Alien Sky, as well as Mix-and-Match Critters or Starfish Aliens by the herd.

It is said by the penitent who is to be absolved from excommunication ( in foro externo ), and by the absolving priest in the case of a deceased excommunicate who had given some sign of contrition before death, the ceremony entitling to ecclesiastical burial.

At the Visitation of the Sick the priest may say the Miserere or any other of the first three penitential psalms.

Among the numerous estimates recorded by musicians and travellers on these three settings, mention may be made of Mendelssohn's, Cardinal Wiseman's, Madame de Stael's (in "Corinne"), Mr.

Rockstro's (in Grove, Dictionary of Music), and especially of the young Mozart's sincerest tribute in the famous copy of it made by him at one hearing of Allegri's Miserere (with corrections made at a subsequent hearing).

For an interesting description of this ancient function, cf.

While not an error per se, it is an overly polite way of speaking when talking to a single person.

It works well when speaking with a high ranking individual, but not so much between two close friends/relatives.

In fiction-land, some places just don't agree with the laws of physics, geography, and the way we understand the world.

Eldritch Locations take many forms: Lost Worlds, Wonderlands ("Wonder" is not always a good thing), Strange Planets, Incomprehensible Voids, the insides of Eldritch Abominations, Alternate Universes, ordinary-looking buildings...

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Expect all geometries to be alien or sinister, and reality to be taking the day off.

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